What I Learned Today: My daily, personal newsletter

I strongly believe that reflecting is one of the most critical elements of learning. When you’re stuck in work and just keep going, it’s difficult to take a step back and think about what went well–and what could go better. I also believe public commitment is a powerful mental model that helps people stick to their plans.

This is why I started a short, personal newsletter for updates in January 2016. (Almost) daily, I write down what I learn while working on HashtagNow.



You can view the archive of old emails here: Mailchimp Archive.

For example, I write about homeless media, share monthly product & KPI updates, share insights about pitching, workplace efficiency, and more.


I would love to have you on board

Right now, it’s just a few dozen people that (surprisingly) don’t get annoyed by my daily emails. Promise: it will always be short emails with one learning, mostly very personal stuff. Let’s grow together!