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Our first full-time coworker!

Last week I wrote about how we want to onboard our first intern. I think it worked quite well. However, here are three things that I learned from the last few days:
  1. Don't expect them to be as fast and experienced as you are at the beginning. You've been working on this for months. It takes time to learn new things, which is totally fine.
  2. Processes are everything, otherwise you keep explaining things over and over. Processes can also act as guidance for what kind of work is expected. Not everyone likes to ask about seemingly mundane stuff (like "should I tweet this?") a few times a day.
  3. Remote work sucks. I was at home during the last two days and it was really tiring to explain our goals and processes through the phone. Today was much better! At the beginning, you really need to be there physically to hop in and help when you're needed.
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What do you think? Any experiences?


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