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Why do people care about this newsletter

I had some pretty busy weeks and in order to not stress myself out completely I took some time off from this newsletter. And I was really overwhelmed how many people approached me recently to tell me that they kind of miss my writing. (thank you ❤) 

And it's not because I'm such an eloquent writer (I'm not) or because the stuff I write down is so thoughtful (it's not) – I talked to some people and it feels like the number one reason they are not getting annoyed by my newsletters is this: it's a window into someone else's life. People told me they like that they stay updated what I do and that they enjoy "following me on my journey." (thank you ❤) 

Getting insights into others' lives has always had a special charm: this is why blogs took off, why Facebook did, why we watch stupid reality shows, and, most recently, follow people on Snapchat and watch them brush their teeth. It's crazy how much we are attracted into being let into someone else's personal life.

Anyone know of some research about this phenomenon?

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