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How to make the community part of your progress

One of the things Product Hunt does particularly well is their "building in public" philosophy. From the beginning on, they shared their learnings and let their users be part of their design and development processes.

This is not only a great way to gather feedback: it also really strengthens the relationship between product creators and users, which is one of the essential elements of a community.

We always talked about doing something similar, writing Medium posts, etc... But then I realized, that I'm already doing this. I'm sharing our progress with you. You're the public we're building HashtagNow with. Hi 👋 😄.

However, although I appreciate every single one of you, it's just 45 people. We realized this newsletter format sucks for new users to discover content, and it doesn't get us any backlinks or shares. This is why we set up a labs blog where we're going to post at least one article a week about our journey, product development plans, and more. Will let you know when it's up and running.

What do you think about the "building in public" approach?

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