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Burgers for your mind

Last time I've sent you a rather strict schedule I use to get my master's thesis done while working on HashtagNow. Timeboxing is a nice tool to stay motivated and get work done efficiently. With all the schedules, calendars, productivity techniques, however, it's easy to get stuck in daily stuff. This happened to me last year after some weekends full of work: I was very unproductive in the following days. It was just too much.

Rest is important. This is why productivity techniques like Pomodoro have breaks. And even in nutrition, there's a principle called "Cheat Day." It means, after 6 days of strict eating, you can eat absolutely anything. Something like this:
Why would people "destroy" all the work they've done for one meal? It's counterintuitive, but proponents like the idea of a cheat day for two reasons:
  • When you treat it as a normal part of your nutrition, you might be less likely to "cheat" during a normal weekday
  • It's said to even boost metabolism (= burn more fat), although there's some debate about this part
For me, it's the same for procrastination. When there's a weekend packed with plans and goals and you end up procrastinating, you start the next week with a shitty feeling "I wanted to get so much done, I hate myself". When you intentionally dedicate a day to do anything you want, it's OK to procrastinate. 

I dedicated Sunday as my cheat day. Today, I had breakfast with friends, walked through a snowy Berlin, and afterwards worked on my personal website as a fun project. It's OK to let the mind wander sometimes.
Enjoy your week!

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