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Community Building

We always thought of HashtagNow as more of a platform+community than an editorial product. We envision a place where people come together and gather information that is already available in a cluttered web. This way, we don't have to rely on single sources, but rather get informed about what people like you and me care about.

To this day, we didn't focus on the community part because of 2 reasons:
1) Communities are damn difficult to build
2) We first wanted to see if people are even interested in what we're doing and if we can attract readers for our content

Now that we have our user acquisition channels on track with very little editorial output, we want to put more effort into building the community of contributors.

I will probably write about this a lot more in the future, but today I only want to share an interesting link with you. ProductHunt is an amazing example for community building, and the first team member besides the founder Ryan Hoover, Erik Torenberg, shared lessons in a great (and free!) class last year: How to build and grow online communities. Go check it out, it's worth it!

See you tomorrow,

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