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... January is about getting shit done.

Today, I read a post by my mate Sebastian Richter, with one section saying: Little less conversation, a bit more action. At SHNUPS, we actually had similar problems, particularly in December, where a lot of things had to be decided:

“We need a new name. We need to work on our pitch deck. We need to make a roadmap for the upcoming months...” We talked about so much stuff without actually getting done anything. The piles of work stacked up, leaving us worried with a seemingly unbearable amount of work. A downward spiral.

Just because we tried to think everything through. However, it seems like very often the first option is the best, or at least good enough. We spent hours on brainstorming possible new names for SHNUPS (and hours pushing it further away because looking for a startup name is the worst), only for coming back to the first and most obvious idea after weeks.

This month we try to embrace faster decisions. Of course, you need to think things through, but most of the time you need decisions to learn.

Have a great weekend!
- Jan

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