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Nothing really surprising

As I wrote in a newsletter the other day (Our first A/B test), we just wanted to get a feel for the data and get some bottom line conversion rate to improve. Remember: we just tested Facebook against Twitter to see which people are more likely to click on.

Now, the first results are in, and it's not really surprising. Here's some data:
  • the CTAs were shown 18220 times
  • click rates were very low: 0.5% mobile, 0.1% desktop
  • on the German page, Facebook works twice as well than Twitter, while on our English edition there's no difference between the two
  • close rates are very high: 47% mobile, 8.5% desktop
For the upcoming week, we decided to stick to the Facebook CTA and try to improve that. Especially desktop click rates are very low (this combined with way lower close rates make it seem like people don't really notice the CTA at all). 

I will share our current test with you tomorrow,

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