Hi, I'm Jan König 👋. I'm one of the founders of Jovo, 28 years old, and live in Berlin. < Go back to learn more.

Motivation as the most important currency

Motivation and dedication is 🔑. You don't have great pay, you work tons of hours, and have to deal with bad feedback. Without huge amounts of motivation to keep going this would never be possible.

But sometimes, it's easy to lose yourself in daily work and ask yourself after a few weeks "what have I done?" Which is toxic for motivation. This is actually why I started writing these emails: to keep myself motivated and focus on learning instead of just getting work done.

And here's what I learned: long term achievements are important, you work towards that big deadline or the next great product update. However, staying motivated for a long time (weeks, months) without feedback in between is tough. This is why Alex and I are trying to incorporate at least one or two quick wins into our weekly sprints. Some simple hacks and achievements that help us keep pushing towards the bigger goal. Still tough to be disciplined here and not to forget to do this.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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