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Today was the first time I experienced how it feels like to be inside a shitstorm. We tweeted about #Pro7Boykott and how a wild mob of trolls tried to damage the German TV station. Then this happened:

ProSieben retweeted us and pulled us in! 40k impressions was actually our goal for the whole month. Not only did this bring a lot of traffic, but also a lot of haters who didn't like that we tweeted in favor of ProSieben. Tons of people told us to piss off, that we're part of some kind of conspiracy with ProSieben, someone even coined the hashtag #shnupsboykott, haha.

Even though we weren't the center of the storm and just got pulled into it for a few hours, it was pretty stressful. Huge respect for celebrities, politicians, and other people who have to deal with stuff like this every day.

Have you seen this hashtag today? What do you think?

- Jan


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