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On Achievements

To be honest, September was a bit slow for us. Due to our work on chatbots (both for clients and our own), we didn't really have time to work on the HashtagNow platform, hence nothing really uplifting happened there. Also, sales cycles were a bit longer than expected. Nothing bad, but also nothing really exciting.

1.5 weeks ago I told my parents that it's time for some small achievements to keep the momentum up. In Germany, we call this Erfolgserlebnis: you get rewarded for the work you do, and thus, stay motivated.

As a founder, of course, you need to get going even after many rejections and many underwhelming days. Pascal Finette calls this the grind. And some day, hopefully it will pay off. And having that in mind really helps! We have some great things coming up, hopefully I can talk about this in a few weeks :)

One example:
  • It took us 3 months (after being introduced via email) to finally get a meeting with a person important to HashtagNow
  • This person introduced us to another person
  • It took us another 4 months of constantly following up with that person, to finally get a meeting
  • And this meeting was great! Can't talk about this right now, though 😛
Wow, this was email #98, 2 to go!

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