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Our monthly recap

This month started with some challenges: we had a really big and important application coming up (Google DNI Fund) that cost a lot of time, had just decided we want to take agency projects to enhance our runway, and only had one intern joining us for the English edition (with me taking care of German content a little bit).

Although we feared this would affect our numbers, it turned out to be a great month. Here's some stuff that happened.

Traction: 53,000 sessions, + 27% compared to June (Google Analytics data)

Product: lots of small improvements: Gif, Spotify, Soundcloud integration, Chrome extension for easier curation and research, A/B tests, further working on our chatbots (launching in August!)

: Got our first agency customers, others in the pipeline, started Chatbot Academy for content marketing

Our goals for next month: Finally launch our chatbots, ensure cash flow for the next 2 months, and work on our features for user generated content on our platform (we've been seeing more people creating hashtags on our page and want to improve that now).

See you tomorrow,

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