Hi, I'm Jan König 👋. I'm one of the founders of Jovo, 28 years old, and live in Berlin. < Go back to learn more.

Writing is my main job

It's crazy. I never thought that most of my time as a co-founder of a startup would be writing. No matter if it's community building, partnership outreach, or marketing, it's always about writing and telling a story. And sometimes a little bit of design work. It's a lot of fun, but also very time consuming.

E.g. here's some stuff we published in the last few days:

Community Building: Added a new post to our #NOW Labs blog about all the A/B tests we've done so far: https://hashtagnow.co/labs/ab-tests/

PR: Did a collaborative post for Netzpiloten about chatbots and virtual assistants: http://www.netzpiloten.de/datenbeziehungen-kommunizieren-zukunft/

Content Marketing: Created a chatbot commands cheat sheet for Chatbot Academy: https://www.chatbot-academy.com/chatbot-command-types-facebook-messenger/

See you tomorrow!

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