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Why some presentations are so effective

I'm currently working on my storytelling skills (just started reading Resonate by Nancy Duarte, I'll let you know how I like it) and rediscovered an interesting article today: Want a better pitch? Watch this.

In the article, Andy Raskin describes why Elon Musk's Powerwall pitch was so engaging. The first reason: Musk is naming the enemy. 37Signals also wrote in in their book Rework: Pick a fight. It's way more powerful and visual to "fight an enemy" (the status quo) than "solving a problem" or "taking an opportunity." 

The problem is, that naming the enemy is such a powerful and emotional tool, that it often falls into wrong hands. At the weekend, we saw it resulting in millions of people voting for AfD (who don't have anything productive to offer politically besides a common enemy), and if you look further back into the future, it has always been someone pointing out "an enemy" to start a movement (with good and very very bad results).

What's your enemy?

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