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How we reach out to new users

With our redesign in May we also started an experiment: We put a "follow hashtag" button on our pages where people could subscribe to updates with their email addresses.

This was a smoke test: a functionality that isn't implemented yet. By showing it to users, however, we can learn if and how valuable it might become to them. We stored the people who signed up in a separate Mailchimp list (including a field for the hashtag they wanted to follow).

Today, we started to reach out to those users to a) learn from them about the feature, and b) dig a bit deeper into community building. It's all about starting a conversation (and hopefully providing value).

This is how we did it:
  • Exported the Mailchimp list as a CSV file
  • Createed a new campaign in ContentMarketer.io, an amazing tool for efficient email outreach
  • Imported CSV with 2 fields: email address, hashtag
  • Created the following template
  • Clicked "Send"
ContentMarketer.io personalizes the email by replacing the {{Hashtag}} field with the one they have been following (= communicated interest in).

Sent it out a few weeks ago and already got a near 50% open rate.
Here's the formula we used
  • "Quick question" is said to work well + we added something the user is interested in
  • Used a personal account + intro
  • "We need your help" -> straight towards the Ben Franklin Effect
  • Clear CTA early on (no one likes long emails that beat around the bush)
  • State the why afterwards
  • Show that we're happy to provide any value to them
I'll keep you posted about the response rates! 

Have you tried something like this before?

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