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Why daily email newsletters work

More and more people are betting on email again: news publishers, marketers, bloggers, and other people decided to cut out the big platforms (hi, Facebook) as middlemen to directly reach their audience.

But why would anyone subscribe to a ton of newsletters in 2016? Aren't we over it yet? It seems to work, though. And what's even weirder: a lot of people LOVE daily newsletters, something I would've thought of having very very high unsubscribe rates.

Here's a daily newsletter I subscribed to a few months ago:
The value proposition is simple (as with most daily newsletters): one short idea a day.

And this is why I believe those >25k people signed up and would've never for a "those are the best growth hacks of the week" one: every day, you only need a few seconds to decide if this idea is interesting to you or not. That's it. No long reading, just one very quick idea that might help your brain come up with new ideas. Just refreshing and worth a try. This is why it worked.

See you tomorrow

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