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A few days ago, I wrote how Facebook is performing pretty bad compared to our other channels.

Today, I pulled post data from Facebook and did some quick analysis. Here's our 3 best performing posts since we started our page in May:

Reach (organic): 22,508
Likes (on post and shares): 186
Link clicks: 292

Reach (organic): 13,974
Likes (on post and shares): 253

Reach (organic): 11,329
Likes (on post and shares): 75
Link clicks: 585

It's not difficult to see a pattern here. Photos of 3 dudes. Last time I complained about inviting all your friends to like your page because they are probably not interested in what you're doing. However, they are very interested in how you're doing and are more willing to like personal stuff. So great milestones (incorporation, first press) or just funny pictures of your team can definitely help increase reach. Be more personal!

Interested to hear if you see similar patterns,


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