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Weekly Likes & Wishes

In April (when our first interns joined #Now), I wrote about how much we'd like to emphasize the importance of an open feedback culture in our team. We tried several feedback sessions with “Likes & Wishes” to make it easier for our new team members to express what they're thinking. And it worked at the beginning.

However, there were two problems with that: (1) Inconsistent dates for 1-on-1 sessions made feedback come in irregularly, and (2) in personal sessions, it's difficult to tell that something slightly bugs you (especially when you're new to the team). The problem: These little things you'd like to improve, can jam up inside your mind and drag your motivation down.

After hearing that in some companies, employees have to write weekly “highlights and lowlights” to their supervisors, we wanted to experiment with this as well. For each team member, we created a document (that the others can't see) called “Weekly Likes & Wishes” and told them to write down their thoughts every Friday.

And it worked so far! It's mostly small things like “I'd love to have some time to read during work,” but it really helps us make the internship and work atmosphere very special. The good thing with the document is (1) its frequency, and (2) its written form: little wishes are easy to be forgotten. Now we see it every week.

See you tomorrow,

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