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Post-election hashtags

When I woke up to the election news yesterday, I knew it was going to be a busy day for HashtagNow: Social networks were on fire, as always when something unexpected happens.

There was one hashtag we spotted quite early: People turned their Twitter profiles black to show some form of silent protest against Donald Trump. You can read more here: #TwitterBlackout.

And then it happened: People started sharing our tweet like crazy (more than 3,000 retweets so far) to encourage each other to participate in that kind of movement. Even better: They saved our image and shared it with their own captions, with the result of our logo showing up all over the Twitter search results (we call this Social SEO):

I wrote about the idea first in February, we saw some results every now and then, but never like this. Cool thing is that pages like USA Today embedded the tweet as well. One more example that it's so important to be the first (What happens when you're the fastest was my third newsletter or so, back in January).

Despite the election turnout, this was a successful day for us. A truly needed achievement, especially as we were in kind of a downward spiral with our SEO efforts. More on that tomorrow.


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