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How we keep ourselves in idea mode with daily brainstormings

I started these daily newsletters because I noticed that it's very easy to lose yourself in everyday work: you always have stuff to do and want to be as efficient as possible, which sometimes results in missing the really important things. The emails helped me reflect, and it's great how it has almost become a habit to write something down every day.

Here's our next experiment: We're so focused on pushing forward our current ideas that our days currently seem to lack creativity. This is why Alex and I are trying to incorporate 1 hour of brainstorming into our schedule, every day, where we think about very specific problems related to growth (e.g. today it was "How to increase our tweet reach?").

Not only that it's great to come up with new ideas every day, it also keeps us motivated. And it's fun!

Do you have a process for constantly staying in idea generation mode?

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