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Surprisingly unsurprising results

It's testing time! I announced our current A/B in this newsletter. We wanted to see how position and color affect clicks to our Facebook page.

Old version: green layer at the bottom, you can see it here
New version: white layer, for desktop in the right lower corner, with small animation (see here)

Let's go
  • the CTAs were shown 33,358 times
  • click rates still very low: 0.58% mobile, 0.02% (!!) desktop
  • close rates of the new version
    • half as many closes on desktop (less annoying position)
    • 8% higher on mobile
And here's the thing: click rates on the Facebook page were COMPLETELY the same. Exactly the same amount of clicks 😂. We couldn't believe it. We were definitely hoping for the new desktop version to improve clicks. 

Pro tip: We discovered Hotjar video recordings today. Sign up and literally watch visitors use your website. It's addictive. And it helped us understand when, how (and a little bit why) our current CTAs don't work that well.

I'll be back with some news about this in the upcoming newsletters.

What should we test next?

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