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Don't automate the wrong stuff

We’re currently trying out a lot of different things to understand what works on various platforms (e.g. another step towards video automation), and here is something which completely sounds like marketing BS, but what we did very wrong at the beginning: you need to be part of the conversation.

As soon as people find out that you’re just a business account cross-posting stuff to different channels, they don’t take you seriously. We also make that mistake very often. Our optimized tweetable images work better for certain types (when people openly ask what this hashtag means), but otherwise it’s also just broadcasting and not really helping anyone. Again, I feel like everything comes down to how well you listen to your users and how you can translate that into action.

To experiment with that, we try to make it a game (as a group effort) to make the best out of every hashtag: what could we tweet to join the conversation and make people smile? This one worked really well today because we used the hashtag to actively contribute:

This tweet brought us more than 500 link clicks and 30 new followers, which is pretty good for German Twitter. Way better than a generic tweet like "Here's more about the hashtag #Boehmermannfilme."


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