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The most depressing way to start your day

I usually hit the snooze button around 5-7 times, every morning. Not only does it make you feel even more tired (see this Lifehacker article), not having the discipline to get out of bed at the time you want is bad for your psychological start of the day, as well.

I hate my snooze button pressing self every morning, so here's how I want to change it: public commitment. My newsletters helped me start reflecting on what I learned, every day. Why not take it one step further and publicly commit myself to a more structured and productive day?

New experiment: From now on, I will add the number of times I hit the snooze button to these daily newsletters. See the stats section below. Maybe I can add more numbers in the future. I'd definitely appreciate your input on that.

By just being here, getting my emails, you're (hopefully) helping me start my days a bit better. Thanks guys! :)
- Jan

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