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Why I need to prioritize better

There are tons of methods people claim to be the secret ingredient for becoming more productive. I tried everything: I wake up earlier, structure my day into 30min tasks, try pomodoro, and block time for creative brainstormings to stay motivated, but still, I don't get as much done as I want to.

Why? I waste way too much time with stuff that isn't necessary. Today I spent hours preparing for and going to a meetup with only 1 additional attendee (besides the organizers and myself). I will definitely use that presentation again, it wasn't a complete waste of time. But still, too many hours put in for very little output (of course I didn't expect so few people to show up, but it was quite foreseeable). The same for other stuff like meetings and events with no clear agenda and a long commute. Especially commutes are often not considered.

What I want to change? Always think twice if a task has a desirable outcome and how much overhead time (preparing, commute) should be added. Today I scratched some applications to online awards off the list, because the probability of winning them was too low compared to the value of the prize.

How do you prioritize?

(Sorry, I'm not really creative at the moment with my writing and I feel like it's because of the long break I had. Consistency is 🔑)


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