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... is to invite all your friends to like it.

Instagram's going great. Twitter's going great. We're getting newsletter signups. But Facebook is a total mess with dramatically decreasing reach.

Why? Maybe because we post shitty content, but we've tried out stuff that has gone viral on other pages. Here's what I think: It's because we initially invited people who don't like any content on Facebook!

If you have people who don't interact with your content, it's a downward spiral: They're seeing less of your content because Facebook's algorithm thinks they don't find it interesting, ultimately showing it to less and less people. Everything leading to you paying Facebook for increasing your reach. 

So don't invite people who just want to do you a favor and are not interested in your content at all – it might actually hurt your reach.

Similar experiences with Facebook? Let's talk! Just hit reply.
- Jan

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