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Why we're trying to ruthlessly kill complexity from now on

Very often, it's crucial to find out who started a hashtag, and which tweet or incident made the story pick up speed. We've been talking for months that “some day” we need to be able to do some Twitter analysis and find out the first tweet just by the click of a button. The Twitter API changed a lot during the last years and it's pretty difficult to do some sort of analysis like this right now.

This is why it always was an idea we'd need to pursue “some day” and why nothing ever happened.

This week though, our new team member Jana told us that she always spends A LOT of time scrolling down the hashtag search results on Twitter to find the first one. We decided to just make a scrappy workaround and Alex built a Chrome extension that does the scrolling in the background. It just took a few hours, and saves us at least half an hour a day!

From now on, we'll try to kill complexity and go for scrappy solutions whenever possible.

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