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It's a fine line

I love content marketing. I've written a lot about inbound marketing in these newsletters and I still think it's the best way of attracting potential customers for many use cases. 

However, many people (especially journalists) think that it's dangerous that now companies start publishing content like journalists do, because it can become difficult for people to differentiate between journalistic and marketing content. I think it's fine in most of the cases.

Unless you're perceived as a business related to journalism. We published an article to Medium a few days ago and upset a few people who claimed we didn't do enough research about the person we got a statement from*. In other fields, no one asks, but when you're publishing stuff in a journalism related field, people won't think it's content marketing. People will think it's bad journalism. So it's important to stick to journalistic standards.

*this was actually a huge story for us on Friday, including 1.5 💩-storms, trolls, and everything. I might share that in the upcoming days when I have a bit more time.


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