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Join the family while it's small enough

I recently joined a Slack team called Digital Journalism Rocks and was surprised how easy it was to connect with interesting people there. People who probably would've never replied to an email. Slack teams are kinda cool right now, everyone wants to try them out – early adopters always feel like a small family.

Another very good reason to join new platforms: the people I want to get in touch with and learn from are innovators and forward thinkers of the industry. And if you look at the technology adoption lifecycle below, it's exactly the ones who adopt new platforms earliest.

With every platform it's probably the same. First are the people who really like being exclusive. And if you behave well and contribute to the conversation, you can be part of this group. But sooner or later, with the majority, the people come that want to exploit this new platform for business purposes (e.g. spam-followers on Twitter, fake-accounts in FB-groups, Instagram comment-bots). And this is usually when people move on to the "next big thing."

Have you tried Slack teams yet?

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