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The Fundraising Bubble

We're a team of 2 founders. One of us has been almost completely focusing on working on pitch decks, applying to pitch events, researching investors and other stuff during the last weeks. That's 50% of the time available to us to put into product, marketing, and sales. Actually time we currently need to keep shaping our product and validate growth engines and revenue streams at this early stage. How did that happen?

The whole fundraising thing is such a bubble: everyone wants VC money, every article is about how to find investors. People care more about investments and valuations than actually building viable business (or product people love to use).

Today we decided that we don't want to be part of this fundraising fallacy and that we want to focus on building a great product people love to use (and identify revenue streams) during the next months. We'll reduce the amount of outbound marketing to a minimum while trying to stand out with making great stuff and sharing our learnings along the way.

In the end, it's way easier to sell something great than focussing on improving the sales pitch for something mediocre.

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