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Influencers and Social SEO

I'm currently preparing a talk about Social SEO. I strongly believe social search is becoming more and more important and that people need to optimize for being found everywhere, not only on Google.

One of our learnings regarding Twitter search results so far is that Twitter really hates "hashtag-jackers" who post spam into every hashtag to increase their reach. Since we still don't have a great followers/following ratio, very often our tweets don't get displayed, even when they get a lot of likes and retweets. Twitter is not very transparent about how they organize their search results, but we're on it :)

For example, this tweet didn't get a lot of likes, but was among the top posts on Twitter for quite some time. Why? I think it's because Neo Magazin Royale (the first ones to use the hashtag + they have a strong following) replied to it.

I'm still at the beginning of this whole "social search" investigation, but it seems that "influencers" are one of the most important factors. More on that later. If you're interested reading a draft of my blog post on it please let me know! Happy to get some feedback :)


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