Hi, I'm Jan König 👋. I'm one of the founders of Jovo, 28 years old, and live in Berlin. < Go back to learn more.

I love dashboards

I love to look at data, beautiful charts, and other stuff that makes me feel informed on what's happening. We had a dashboard in our backend that displayed the current trends, contact requests, content submissions, and other stuff. And we got rid of it.

Wait, what? Why? 

Dashboards are "pull," they display data in a way that people thought it might be useful when they created it. But very often they are not as actionable as we like them to be, and critical, time sensitive information gets lost. For us, it was critical to implement a "push" mechanism to a tool we're using all the time: Slack.

Whenever something happens on our page that we should know immediately, it gets pushed into our notifications channel. In this way, everyone stays informed without having to visit another dashboard all the time.

I'm currently working on a blog post about how we used RSS feeds and Zapier to build a small, but handy monitoring Slack bot. Hopefully I'll have more to show by tomorrow.


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